Ipswich Town : a History

Ipswich Town: A History

Published in paperback by Amberley Publishing in 2013, this was the first new history of the club for some years. Ipswich Town has a long history and, since its foundation in 1878, has had a great deal of success, including as Football League champions in 1962 and winners of both the FA Cup (1978) and the UEFA Cup (1981). Two of its managers, Sir Alf Ramsey and Sir Bobby Robson, went on to achieve greatness in the game. As a result there have been several comprehensive club histories. This book is intended to be different from the traditional history of Ipswich Town Football Club. It is both a history of Ipswich Town and a social history – recording and exploring the relationship between the football club, the town of Ipswich and the wider county of Suffolk. Covering the period from 1878 to the present day, it uses the voices of people involved with the club, including supporters, players and former players, owners, administrators and local writers, to describe the club’s history within its social context, how changes have affected the club and how developments in football itself have made an indelible impact upon both the football club and the local community.

Also available in a Kindle edition.

A review by football writer, Gavin Barber, on The Two Unfortunates website.

Some reviews on Amazon:

“Quite one of the best books on the game I have read. Intelligent and extremely well researched. It reminds us that football clubs are part of a community and not just eleven blokes booting a ball around a field. Susan Gardiner has traced the ebb and flow of the Town’s fortunes wisely and thoroughly and shows an impressive grasp of the history of the town (not just the club) and changes in society. Having supported the Town since 1957 (to follow my father, uncle and grandfather) this is essential reading. Every club should aspire to having a book as wisely produced as this.” (Robert Smith)

“Although Ipswich aren’t my team, I really enjoyed the book. There is a strong social-history angle to the book which works well. I enjoy the author’s WordPress site ‘Those Who Will Not Be Drowned’ and the book didn’t disappoint. For example, I learnt that the traditional 3.00pm kick-off time came about following 19th century legislation that forced factories to close at 2.00pm on Saturday. I particularly enjoyed reading about football in the 50’s – a time when the referees were not paid but given free whisky at Ipswich. There is a good section on Alf Ramsey and it was interesting to read that managers before Ramsey didn’t get to pick the team at Ipswich.” (Amazon Customer)

“This is a really enjoyable book which never outstays its welcome. It fully acknowledges the books about Ipswich Town which have gone before it, and tries to look at a different angle: the history of the club in the context of the town and surrounding area, rather than a blow-by-blow account of happenings on the pitch. It’s clearly a labour of love by a social historian not afraid to spend many hours going through newspaper archives. A welcome addition to my Ipswich Town FC book collection.” (Cherry Hinton Blue)

You can buy Ipswich Town: a History from branches of Waterstones and many other bookshops in East Anglia. You can buy it online from AmberleyAmazon and Waterstones.