I noticed this morning that my notes for the Frank Soo biography are about to exceed 50,000 words, so I don”t think I’m going to have much trouble writing enough for the final publication.

There isn’t really much news at the moment as I’m ploughing on with the research, which currently means that I’m trying to translate various book extracts and newspaper articles from Swedish, Norwegian, Italian and Finnish. I’m not a linguist, so it’s hard and I’m grateful to Frank that he didn’t take that job as Israeli national coach in the end!

I recently wrote a letter that was published in the local Stoke-on-Trent newspaper, the Sentinel, and it has had excellent results. I’ve been contacted by a former neighbour who has some lovely memories of FS and his wife. I’ve also been in touch with people who have some memorabilia, which I hope will come to something but I’ll have to wait and see.

Up next is a trip to Chelmsford library and record office. I still hope to get to Liverpool soon too, but Stockholm and Padova are sadly not in my current plans.


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  1. Good luck with book,Susan. What was the address of Frank Soo’s family laundry on Town Row. I think you said number 11 Town Row but can’t find that on google maps.


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