Fundraising & future plans

The Crowdfunder pledges have now been received and, after deductions, the final total was GBP 1,072.78 – for which thank you all so much indeed.

The donation button remains for anyone wishing to help in the future and the London Chinese Community Centre has very generously offered to raise money for the Frank Soo project. The Chinese Community Challenge Cup 華人挑戰杯 2016 is on 16 July 2016.

The aim is to publish the biography in the autumn. I hope there will be a small number of hardcover copies, plus a few hundred paperbacks and it will also be available in several electronic formats. The most expensive aspect of this will be the printing and distribution costs, so the number of copies will depend on funds.

I am setting up a small company called Electric Blue Publishing in order to facilitate this. There has been interest from some publishers but I think Frank Soo deserves the best, so I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a better way of doing it.

I hope (depending on funds) to commission a professional to do the book layout and then use a large company, probably Ingram, to print and distribute the books.

If sales go well, I will then try to commission a Chinese translation. I will take advice on which language is best. I understand that the Gwongdung Wah language, also known as Standard Cantonese, may be best. It would be appropriate as Frank’s father, Quan, came from Guangzhou (English name, Canton). I am more than happy to take advice on this – an apologies for any errors I may make.

In the meantime, I’m continuing writing the book and researching the 32 years that FS spent in Sweden, working as a coach. I’ve found a lot of material about him in old Scandinavian newspapers. Thank goodness for Google Translate!


Susan 5 May 2016