Update on Frank Soo

To all those wonderful people who have contributed to the Crowdfunder project, many thanks. We’ve reached £910 and, although a long way off the target, I hope that will be enough to at least have the book published and distributed around the world.

What has been even more valuable has been the support of many members of the Soo family – rightly proud of Frank – and the help and information they have given, from photographs and letters to small pieces of information that have helped to piece together this massive, and rather sprawling, jigsaw. So thank you to Jacqui, Christian and others.

imageI can now add two more football clubs to the many that FS coached over the years, I have found the house where he was living in North Staffordshire in 1952 (quite obscure, that one!) and I have found out much more about the six Soo brothers and one sister, all of whom are interesting in their own right. All six brothers served in the RAF during the Second World War and at least three of them were on the books of professional football clubs, as well as being talented at cricket and other sports. So it is a wonderful story – and even better than I first thought it would be.

The project has also had some interest from people in China and has raised the possibility of there eventually being a Chinese translation, at least in an electronic format.

There’s a little way to go. I’ve probably got enough material for a fairly good biography, but I’m determined to try to find as many of those awkwardly-shaped jigsaw pieces that are still missing as I can.

Only nine days left, so please help if you can:

Frank Soo Project

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